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Google Ads Management For Therapists & Counselors

Don’t waste your time learning google ads. I can help you build your therapy or counseling practice with effective pay per click advertising management. It’s simple and it works!


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Expert PPC Management

Are you looking for a way to quickly build your practice? Google Ads may be the answer. Contact me today. I would be happy to take a look at your unique situation and let you know if Google Ads is the right fit for you. There really is no risk and it’s free!

Understanding Why Google Ads Is a Good Investment for Your Practice

Take your therapy practice to the next level with professional Google Ads management! With the right help, you can grow your practice quickly and get a good return on your investment.

Targeting The Right Audience At The Right Time

Google makes billions of dollars on search advertising, and the simple reason is that it works. Google’s strength is that they can get you in front of the right client and the right time. The client can then see you, through your website, when they need help and are ready to reach out. The client then contacts you for therapy or counseling.

Getting Potential Clients To Take Positive Action Now

You got into this work to help people, and your expertise is needed. There are thousands of local searches a day in your area for people looking for therapy and counseling. Google Ads can help you reach these clients and get them the support they need. By using Google Ads, you are assisting clients in finding the help they need.

Stretch Your Marketing Dollar

If you are just starting Google Ads much of your marketing dollar is going to your education. You end up spending your marketing dollars on irrelevant clicks and costly mistakes. I can tell you that Google has no problem taking your money when you make mistakes or when you have the wrong keywords. Knowing how to minimize unwanted clicks and irrelevant searches are critical to Google Ads success. If you are not interested in learning google ads, it’s worth getting a professional to manage your account.

Save Your Time For You & Your Clients

Google Ads has a steep learning curve and making a simple mistake can be costly. I have spent over ten years learning to make Google Ads work for my group therapy practice. I can tell you that Google Ads works, if you know what you are doing. Unless you love this stuff, have someone else, who knows what they are doing and has the experience, manage your Google Ads account.

Making an impact for therapists & counselors

My name is Duane Osterlind, and I’m a licensed marriage and family therapist and group practice owner.

I have two passions (besides my family) — one is therapy, and the other is online marketing. Over my 12 years of owning a group practice, I have used Google Ads to combine my two passions and successfully grow my group practice.

Now, I want to help you!

Google Leads The Way In Online Search Advertising 

When other therapists find out I manage google adwords they usually ask me two questions. “Does Google advertising actually work, and will Google Ads work for me?”

The answer, in 99% of the cases, is yes, Google Ads works. Google Ads is a reliable form of online advertising that enables you to target qualified, potential clients at an affordable price. If managed rightly, it can deliver strong returns, helping you grow your private or group practice. There is a good reason why Google is one of the largest tech companies in the world, and it’s because google advertising works!

 There Is An Incredible Number Of Google Searches Per Month For Mental Health Professionals 

"anxiety therapist"*

"therapist near me"*

"marriage counselor"*

"depression therapist"*

 Don’t miss out on your opportunity to help others and build your practice! These individuals and couples need what your professional training can give them. Use Google Ads to help them find you.

*data from Google’s keyword planner set for the United States over the last 12 months.

Therapists & Counselor Testimonials

“I have been working with Duane on my Google Ads and it has been amazing! We have been working together for about 4 months and my business has grown so much. I am getting ideal clients, my caseload is full, and the best part is my income has increased a lot! I highly recommend Duane as your Google Ads expert, he will get you to where you want to be and more!”

Jessica Marchena, LMHC

Founder & Director, Heart Connections Center

“I hired Duane to set up and manage an adwords account for my group psychotherapy practice in a competitive market and couldn’t be happier! I previously wasted a lot of money and was even banned from Google at one point, because I hired the wrong person. Duane helped set us up for success from the start with providing guidance on the creation of landing pages, setting up the campaigns, and monitoring the metrics, making tweaks and changes as needed. We have progressively seen an increase in our average quality score and are getting great results. Hire Duane if you want to see success with Adwords! You will not regret it.”

Kerrie Thompson, LCSW

Founder/Owner, A Good Place Therapy

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Contact me for a free 30-minute consultation. I will take a look at your unique situation so you can decide if Google Ads is right for you. It’s free, and there is no risk in finding out more about the power of pay per click advertising and Google Ads, looking forward to chatting with you.